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Are You Prepared to be a 'Stagent?'

Many home sellers receive the recommendation that they should hire a home stager to make their home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. However, in today's economy where many people must where many hats, real agents are finding that in addition to their regular duties, they must also act as home stagers (or 'stagents').

Sellers turn to their real estate agent for all sorts of advice and while some agents may think that providing tips on presenting a house is not really their responsibility, you may find the need to help in this regard if you want to make a sale.

Even if you do not feel qualified to make specific suggestions about where certain pieces of furniture need to go, you can help by giving your clients a general idea of how home staging works.

Part of what home stagers do is help potential buyers and curious individuals who stop by the open house imagine that they could live there.  They take out some things, but not everything. This is a hard balance to strike because you do not want the house to look bare nor do you want it to look cluttered or too "lived-in."

Not only do home stagers arrange things that make people think they could live in a house, they bring in a little fantasy. People love to look at magazine spreads of houses because they look inviting. They may not resemble a place where you actually live, but look like a place where they would want to live.

When a home stager clears half the toys from a playroom, orders new window treatments, or returns the dining room home owners have used as a home gym/office/storage space to its original purpose, they help a potential home buyer use their imagination to see a property in its best possible light.

You can impart this wisdom to your clients, even if you do not really know whether or not they should move the sofa out of the corner.

While you have to work harder for your clients, you can put the great lead management and lead conversion tools offered by the savvy people at GoPro Systems to work for you.


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Are You Prepared to be a 'Stagent? '
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